Mind Games

26 Feb

Last week I posted an article mentioning that John Howard had a fight on his hands to retain his Federal seat of Bennelong, and that only one Prime Minister has lost his seat at a Federal Election.

Well, things just got more difficult for John Howard.

Maxine McKew will be the Labor candidate for the seat.

For those of you who are not involved with Australian politics, Maxine recently resigned from the ABC after a career of over thirty years as a journalist. In this time, she has presented the major late-night news program (Lateline) where she interviewed politicians – including John Howard and has been known, at times, to get the better of him. She is married to a Labor heavyweight (Bob Hogg) and could have been parachuted into a safe Labor seat.

Instead she has taken on a great challenge to stand against John Howard.

Maxine McKew: “This is a seat we need to win to win government, to win the 16 seats Kevin Rudd needs to secure a Labor victory.”

Labor needs to take 16 seats from the Liberal party to win the federal election.

I suspect this will distract John Howard from campaigning federally as he will have to ensure that he really does look after his own electorate. Maxine will be there every day canvassing votes.

Other bloggers have commented that we all know that this will be Howard’s last election. he will resign during the next term to hand over control. The voters of Bennelong will also know this that if Howard does retain the seat, there will be a by-election once Howard resigns. Will they decide that enough is enough and vote Maxine in? Will Howard “cut and run” from the challenge? Is he up for the fight?

Kevin Rudd (Labor Opposition Leader) has said that he wants to “play” with the PM’s mind.

Interesting times.

Game on!


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