Irish Bishop Denounces Human Rights Abuse by Israeli Government

28 Feb

A group of Irish Roman Catholic Bishops have openly questioned and denounced the Israeli’s horrific treatment of Palestinians. Raymond Field, auxillary Bishop of Dublin, chairman of the Irish Commission for Justice and Social Affairs (ICJSA) has said,

“Where there is evidence of systematic abuse of human rights on a large scale, as in the Occupied Territories, there are questions that must be asked concerning the appropriateness of maintaining close business, cultural and commercial links with Israel,”

This throws into question the proximity and ties that the international community has with Israel. If foreign actors, including governments, businesses and religious groups, would take the effort to make public statements denouncing the Occupation, the Israeli government would be more pressurised to make actual efforts to reduce human rights abuse in Palestine. The other rippling effect will be that it will be seen as more acceptable to question the Israeli’s government actions towards Palestinians.

On the other hand, the statement from Hamas by Khaled Meshaal in Russia that “Israel must end occupation” is the first and foremost pre-condition that should exist before negotiations take place. Occupation means human rights abuses and that it deprives the Palestinians rights to their voices. A negotiation cannot occur if the balance of power is tilted heavily to one party.


Irish bishops say Israel is unjust, Al Jazeera, February 27, 2007

Hamas: Israel must end occupation, Al Jazeera, February 27, 2007


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