Has the situation in Zimbawe reached a turning point?

22 Mar

According to a recent BBC news report, Zimbabwe has reached a ‘turning point’ where “Zimbabweans were “losing their fear” despite the violence carried out against them by the security forces.”

This comes from US ambassador in Zimbawe, Christopher Dell, who said that the average policeman is increasingly reluctant to carry out attacks on human rights activists and Opposition.

On March 11,after the government imposed a ban on political rallies, Zimbabwean riot police broke up a “Save Zimbabwe” rally in Harare using tear gas and water cannons, and assaulted rally leaders and participants. As many as 100 activists were arrested. Amongst those hurt in the rally include Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who sustained a head injury, Gift Tandare, a young activist, who was shot dead at the rally, and the chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly, Lovemore Madhuku, injured with a broken arm.

MDC spokesman, MP Nelson Chamisa claimed he was severely beaten on Sunday as he tried to leave the country to travel to the planned meetings of EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) officials.

According to another BBC report, a statement issued on behalf of Mr Tsvangirai says that groups of youths from Zanu-PF and officials of the Central Intelligence Organisation have been targeting known MDC activists. It also said that another 35 MDC members – on top of the 50 injured when police broke up the rally nine days ago – have been taken to hospital with fractures and severe bruising.Six other had gunshot wounds.

With the country sinking into political crisis and the Zimbawe government threatening to expel ambassadors from external fierce criticisms, what other efforts are necessary for the dictatorial regime to fall?

Perhaps, the answer lies with the people themselves. If Zimbaweans begin to stop co-operating with the regime, then it is only a matter of time that Robert Mugabe may step down…



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‘Crackdown’ on Zimbabwe activists, 20 March 2007, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6469491.stm


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