Palestinian’s Children’s Day – Continuing Misery

6 Apr

The Palestinian Network for Children’s Rights, a human rights group focusing on child rights in Palestine, issued a statement condemning the Israeli’s army violent policy towards Palestinian children.

The group stated that up to eight children have been killed in 2007 alone.

Since the second intifada in September 2000, 860 children have been killed by the Israeli army and illegal Israeli settlers. 5,200 Palestinian children have also been arrested by the army with about 400 still in prisons and interrogation centres.

5 April is marked Palestinian Children’s Day to commemorate the ongoing human rights violations against children in the Occupied Territories.

Same time last year, 12 children were killed within the same period according to the group.

The group specified violations such as the repeating military incursions into areas in the West Bank and the construction of the wall which undermines the rights of children to education, adequate standard of living, healthcare and the life.



From Al Jazeera, THURSDAY, APRIL 05, 2007,
Misery of Palestinian children

Statement by the Palestinian Network for Children’s Rights on Palestinian Child Day
April 5, 2006,




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