Israel accused of prisoner abuse

8 May



Two human rights group, B’Tselem and the HaMoked Centre for the Defence of the Individual, have accused the Israeli Security Agency for mistreating and even torturing Palestinian detainees.

The rights group, which derived its report based on 73 Palestinians detained between July 2005 and January 2006, listed illegal methods used by the Israel Shin Beth security agency, such as preventing detainees from contacting their lawyers, painful shackling to a chair, threats and intimidation, beating and sleep deprivation.

As many as 67% surveyed said they were subjected to “beatings, painful binding, swearing, humiliation and denial of basic needs”.

Both groups also believed that these treatments were authorised by the Israel’s law enforcement system.

As to date and according to official figures,Israel detains more than 9,000 Palestinians on charges of endangering state security.

For more info. on the report, go to B’Tselem’s website, Utterly Forbidden: The Torture And Ill-Treatment Of Palestinian Detainees


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