Human Rights Abusers Attending Harvard University Programmes?

19 May

A group of Harvard University students, Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME), have campaigned against Dan Halutz, a former Israeli military chief, for attending a two-month executive training programme at Harvard’s Business School (HBS).

According to a Al Jazeera report, the students believe that the University should not welcome “people with poor human rights records, or who are seen as war criminals”.

The activists, in their protest posters against Halutz, stated that, he was responsible for ordering, “the indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon last summer, killing over 1,000 civilians. The jets he commanded bombed houses and hospitals, ambulances and airports, refineries and roads. The atrocities committed under his command were condemned worldwide as war crimes.”

Human rights organisations have also accused the resigned General for ordering the dropping of a one-ton bomb in Gaza in 2002.

The former chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Force, Halutz, resigned in February after last year’s disastrous war with Lebanon. An Israeli- government commissioned report criticized the man for misinforming Israel’s political leadership about the military’s capability.

You can read more about Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME) at their blog site which has to date documented six human rights abusers from Israel and one from Guatemala.

The group, drawing sources from mainly UN, and credible human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, aims to highlight the University’s record of “admitting and hiring individuals with publicly documented records of war crimes and/or human rights abuses”. It is campaigning for more stringent rules in allowing war criminals and serious human rights abusers for admission or hiring into the institution.


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