Habeas corpus: it’s not dead, just resting

12 Jul

Quite rightly, there are some who are beginning to get a bit worried about the continuing detention of Dr Mohamed Haneef, who has now been held by the AFP for over 11 days without being charged.

The worrying trend is that his lawyer – for whatever reason – has not been given any details of the case against him.

I understand the reluctance of the AFP to supply details if they are relating to an immenent terrorist attack, but to run all over habeas corpus like this should not be tolerated.

Yesterday afternoon, Lex Lasry dismissed the premise put to him by the interviewer that Haneef’s case is similar to Hick’s, but he was still concerned about the length of detention without charge, and the effect this will have on the possibility of Dr Haneef gaining a fair trial – if any charges are laid.


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