British politicians admit to smoking cannabis during their youth

20 Jul

According to BBC, 8 members of the then shadow cabinet in 2000, publicly admitted to trying cannabis at some point in the past in an attempt to stop the toughening of laws against possession of the drug. This weedy discussion rears its head again recently when Home Secretary Jacqui Smith admitted to smoking cannabis 25 years ago just when the government is expected to overturn Tony Blair’s decision to downgrade the drug from Class B to Class C. In the UK, posession of Class B drug (e.g. amphetamines) is liable to a jail term of up to 5 years while class C drugs (e.g. anabolic steroids) rarely leads to persecution.

As Smith will publish a consultation document by next week on the UK drugs strategy, it appears that many politicians in other parts of the world have yet to understand that outright banning drugs is unlikely to lead to annihilating its use. The solution, like most other types of product, is legalizing and regulating drugs while providing ample consumer warning and information. Prohibition never works. Instead, it is responsible use that society should encourage.


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