An personal account of the borders in Gaza…

1 Aug


We spent 14 grueling hours on the crossing, along with thousands of other Palestinians, desperate to either leave or enter the Strip. Busload after busload, entire families and their children and spouses were clinging to the ceilings, crushed inside, or piled on top of the luggage in back. Some fainted. Others erupted in hysterics. Everyone had a reason to. There were mothers separated from their spouses. Students needing to return to college. The ill. The elderly. And those with nothing particularly remarkable to preface their reason for traveling with-it was their right, after all.

An excerpt of a personal account of travelling out of Gaza from Laila El-Haddad

It is upsetting that nothing concrete has been done to alleviate the situation in Gaza. In a documentary from Laila El-Haddad, which was broadcasted on CBC, the Israeli ambassader to Canada refuted on the news program that it was necessary to shut down the Gaza – Egyptian border in Rafah to prevent the smuggling of weapons to militant Hamas. His argument is of course seriously flawed as this act drives the market trade underground and more often than not, affects innocent civilians and their livelihood. According to the United Nations in Gaza, unemployment rate is above 35% with three-quarters of all families living in poverty. Israel has to stop the disastrous and apartheid like policy of non-negotiation/ segregating Hamas and the suffocation of Gaza.


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