Anti-competitive bullying behaviour by Australia’s Media Moguls…

1 Aug

It is by chance that I picked up Sydney City Hub, an alternative newspaper publisher from a pub last night. I am pleasantly surprised to find this free monthly rag devotes a huge section focusing on regional, national and local politics ranging from indigenious issues in Northen Territory to an account of an election observer in Timor.

The August issue also contains news on the difficulty of the homeless to vote in the upcoming elections and how the Greens are fighting for survival in the Senate. The cover is a tongue-in-cheek cartoon of groceries depicting the upcoming goodies which will be distributed for the upcoming APEC conference. This is complemented by a story within its pages on the increasing police powers and intelligence surveillance by the authorities for the upcoming APEC summit in September.

In his editorial, Lawrence Gibbons, reproduced the speech which was delivered at a fundraising benefit in support of the South Sydney Herald on the 8th July. He touches on the acquisition behaviour of Murdoch and John B Fairfax (the former acquiring FPC Courier chain of seven Sydney weekly newspapers and the latter regaining their stakes in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) which spells the beginning of the erosion of the freedom of speech in Australia. Not forgetting that Rupert Murdoch has just gained control of Dow Jones & Company and The Wall Street Journal, America’s top business newspaper.

It is at times like this that blogs and smaller alternative publishers need to step up the fight against corporate media invasion.


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