Wedges come free with elections

3 Aug

From a gay mans perspective there are a number of issues that I have with the current Australian federal government because they have a direct impact on my life.

Earlier this year, Howard made a comment regarding increasing the restrictions of those with HIV from entering the country. This comment was refuted by the National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS.

“The Prime Minister’s comments send a confusing message and suggest that Australia has open borders for immigrants with HIV. That’s clearly not the case, and we are shocked that the Prime Minister would try to make a political issue of HIV,” said NAPWA President Robert Mitchell.

Secondly, there was a commission compiled by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission into discrimination against same-sex couples and families. The report found that 58 pieces of federal legislation were in breach of our international human rights commitments, in areas such as taxation, employment, social security, Medicare, family, superannuation, aged care and migration law. The response from the Howard government has ignored the recommendations of the report and will not remove the discrimination from federal legislation.

“As one man told us during our Inquiry – same-sex couples are first class tax-payers but second class citizens – and we have certainly found this to be true,”

Finally this week it appears that same-sex adoption is another target for the government, where it proposes to ban same-sex overseas adoption, overriding the decisions of the states.

Would you like wedges with your election campaign, sir?


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