Hiroshima Day Rally in Sydney (2007)

6 Aug

Hiroshima Day Rally

“The world is facing greater instability in more and more areas… Regional wars could escalate to a global nuclear holocaust as the US and Russia have so many nuclear weapons primed and ready to go.”

– anti-nuclear campaigner, Dr Helen Caldicott as quoted from The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 August, 2007

The Hiroshima Day Rally in Sydney which took place at Hyde Park on 5 August aims to commemorate the loss of lives and sufferings caused by the dropping of the American atomic bombs in Japan, Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

The rally and march started with an acapella performance by the Sydney Trade Union Choir which included original cheeky songs on Bush and Howard. After the singing, the march proceeded and ended at Hyde Park, close to the Archibald Fountain.

It was followed by a speech from prominent anti- nuclear activist, Dr Helen Caldicott whose ominous message included a graphic account of how lives and civilization will be destroyed if a nuclear bomb is activated by accident.

Green Senator, Kerry Nettle also delivered the party’s anti- nuclear stance. In her speech, she said that Australia’s uranium which is sold to countries with nuclear facilities such as China or India, will further escalate the arms race. Jenny Munro of the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council spoke of the Australian’s government long genocidal history towards the Indigenious community. She lambasted the Howard government’s latest action in the Northern Territories as nothing more than a land grabbing exercise – to exploit uranium mining in this area as it is heavily occupied by the Indigenious but not the white people.

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The US, France, Britain, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan and India together still have more than 28,000 nuclear weapons… The Howard Government’s military budget has escalated to over $60 million a day. This steals resources from health, education, job creation, the environment, and services for the poor and disadvantaged. An extra $700 million — less than two weeks military spending — spent on public hospitals each year would overcome their critical problems.

– From Hiroshima, Never Again!, organizing committee of Hiroshima Day in Sydney

“Australia is in great danger of becoming a major nuclear nation now… They (the government) are being pushed by the economy and wealthy corporations, like Western Mining and BHP Billiton, who seem to have no regard for the health and well-being of this generation and all future generations.”

– Dr Helen Caldicott, The Age, July 2, 2007

– Dr Helen Caldicott’s Official Website




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