Iraq is a failure but Bush claims otherwise…

5 Sep

Mr Bush has arrived in Sydney for the APEC summit, claiming that because Iraqi legislature passed 60 pieces of legislation, everything is working well. Quoted in a BBC report, Iraqis fail US Congress targets, he said, “The security situation is changing, so that reconciliation can take place.”

The same article stated that a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a non-partisan Congressional Watchdog, concluded that the: Iraqi government is “dysfunctional” and has failed to meet 11 of 18 key benchmarks set by the US.

In a commentary piece on Counterpunch, “Cholera is Spreading Across Iraq, The Collapse of Iraq’s Health Care Services”, dated 1 September, Patrick Cockburn, warned of the dire health situation in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan). I quote from his article,”


  • Lack of clean drinking water and poor sanitation has led to 5,000 people in northern Iraq contracting cholera;
  • Unicef says that mains water is only available for two hours a day and many people have dug shallow wells outside their homes. (in Sulaimaiyah, Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • “There is a shortage of medicines to control the disease and the focal point [the source of the disease] hasn’t been identified yet,” Dr Dirar Iyad of Sulaimaniyah General Hospital told the UN news agency, Irin.
  • An increase from 50,000 to 60,000 Iraqis flee their homes within a month, as reported by the UN High Commission for Refugees this week.

According to IRIN, “Aid work becoming more risky in Baghdad” dated 27 August, Baghdad is increasingly becoming dangerous for aid workers to be involved in their humanitarian work.

Fatah Ahmed, vice-president of the Iraqi Aid Association (IAA), said. “Sunni volunteers are being sent to Sunni neighborhoods and Shia to Shia areas.”

Mayada Marouf, a spokesperson for the locally-based group Keeping Children Alive (KCA), said Dora, Sadr City, Adhamiyah, Alawi, Batawin, Hayfa and Hurryia are the most dangerous neighbourhoods. They have to use smaller cars, change routes every time they deliver aid and stop using vehicles with their emblems to prevent from being targeted.

Both of them agreed that Baghdad had never been so violent, and aid had never been so hard to deliver. They said many local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) had stopped their operations after being targeted.

Even the government, the Ministry of Displacement and Migration  is reluctant to send its employees to these danger areas. A senior ministry official on condition of anonymity is quoted as saying, “.. our budget is even less than those of the local aid agencies.”

In another article from Counterpunch, more damning evidence shows that the Bush Administration has lied to members of Congress in convincing them to vote for the invasion in Iraq. Walter Brasch who wrote the article reported that Rep. Paul Kanjorski and some selected members of Congress was shown by top officials of the CIA photographs, “it alleged were Iraqi Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones. .. capable of carrying nuclear, biological, or chemical agents, and could strike 1,000 miles inland of east coast or west coast cities.”

Mr Bush is deluded to acknowledge that the situation in Iraq is changing for the better. Alternatively, he is lying.


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