More Efforts To Curb Protests in APEC Summit

5 Sep

In my previous post, “APEC Summit Reveals Howard’s Government Fears Protests”, I argued that the Howard government is especially keen to downplay or neutralise large scale protests of any sort.

The current news being reported, derived from up to date Sydney Morning Herald reinforces my arguments.

In the news article, “Chaser and chests: it’s kids against APEC” , Edmund Tadro, reported that the protest by youths of Students Walkout Against Bush adopted more of a carnival like atmosphere to their activity. Unfortunately, police were deployed to ensure that students do not play truant to protest against Bush’s visit. Those caught will be informed by their schools and parents. In addition, at least five more activists have been added to the blacklist, banning them from entering the APEC declared areas.

The planned route march by Stop The Bush which is still being decided in the Supreme Court sees the police rack up a notch when Chief Superintendent Steven Cullen say, ” Based upon my research, experience, current intelligence and evidence from internationally similar events – more recently G20 in Melbourne – I have absolutely no doubt that minority groups will engage in a level of violence not previously experienced in Sydney.’

It will be difficult to predict the outcome of the protests. If violence are to occur, the police would seemingly have a compelling reason to blame the organisers.

Stop The Bush Coalition, on their part, will have to seriously consider how they can reduce the chances of that happening, in the event that agent provocateurs or police provocation will cause violence to happen.

The NGO and protestors will also have to consider if they are willing to carry out civil disobedience if their proposed route is banned.


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