Al Jazeera Clips on Burma’s protest

29 Sep

This exclusive Al Jazeera Youtube clip shows the video journalist interviewing a crowd of Burmese who told him repeatedly that there is no democracy, no democracy, no democracy in the country. One of them even said the Burmese military is “dangerous”.

In another Al Jazeera news segment, Frost Over The World, Sir David Frost interviews Razali Ismael, former UN envoy to Burma and exiled dissident, Zoya Phan.

In this interview, Razil mentioned that economic and political change must happen. However, he felt that the international community has a role to play to “impress” upon the military generals to make those changes.

Zoya, who is more blunt, believed that the number of reported deaths are likely to be lower than the actual figures; and that the current uprising is a result of the people being “fed up” with the regime.

When David Frost concluded by saying that he hopes to see a “happy ending”, Zoya was quick to reiterate what this blog has mentioned before – that the Burmese military will need to enter into a dialogue with the Opposition. She puts it succinctly,

“To have a happy ending, what we need to see is the UN Security Council to pass a binding resolution, to set up a deadline, then force the regime to enter into a political dialogue with ethnic nationalities, opposition and have a genuine national reconciliation in Burma. The only way to have change in Burma is to force the regime.

In this third news clip, David Hawkins interviewed two army deserters from the Burmese military. Despite harsh punishments such as imprisonment, as many as one third of the soldiers have chosen desertion. The two interviewers revealed why the military is unpopular with the Burmese. One of them confessed that he was forced to be in the army while the other said, ” I saw their hate on people’s eyes when they look at me.”

Daw Daw Saw from the National League for Democracy, appealed to the international community to step in. She expresses the excessive brutality of the regime, “They will shoot and shoot on the peaceful demonstrators…”


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