A new way to support music?

10 Oct

A revolutionary way for society to support their music artists might work which will then spell the doom of the middle man – the mammoth record companies which have been calling the shots on who they want to sign and determining what the market listens to.

Radiohead, an alternative rock band, has proposed a new way for fans to download or purchase their upcoming album, In Rainbow, by allowing them to “name their own price.”

Former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown was reported on the BBC article, “Rock legends back Radiohead plan”, commenting that it is a

“fantastic idea”, adding: “Anything that can break the music industry up, I’m supporting it.”

Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr said:

“We’ll see if their good faith is going to be rewarded. I think it will work.”

While only rock bands the stature of Radiohead might dare pull such a feat, other musicians might be motivated to do the same if the former manages to generate enough profits for themselves. Only time will tell.


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