More violence in Darfur and region

11 Oct

According to a Reuters report dated October 9, a Sudanese army attacked and killed at least 45 people in the Darfur town of Muhajiriya. It does not include the number of 80 people missing and injured. The statement came from the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA). SLA had signed a May 2006 peace deal with Khartoum and became part of the government.

In a separate report from AFP, the Sudanese military denied that it was responsible for the assaults and the attacks were caused by inter- tribal rivalry.

The region seems to be heading for more violence.

Amnesty International has urged the UN to sent troops to the area after it cited reports that shows the Sudan military is gathering “in large numbers” in at least six towns in northern Darfur, including Tine, Kornoy, Um Baru and Kutum.

Tawanda Hondora, deputy director of Amnesty’s Africa programme, was quoted in an AFP article, “

“The northern area of North Darfur is under the control of armed opposition groups and it looks as though the Sudan Armed Forces want to attack this area before peace talks scheduled to take place in Libya before the end of the month,”

A senior U.N. official, the peacekeeping chief, Jean-Marie Guehenno has also expressed similar sentiments about escalating violence in the region. In a news conference, he said,”There is a serious risk of the Darfur situation going beyond Darfur.”


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