Carter says US Tortures; Troops Withdrawal & Diplomacy

12 Oct

This has got to be the news of the day.

Ex American President, Jimmy Carter, told viewers on CNN that the Bush Administration is guilty of torture despite Bush claiming otherwise. Carter also said that President Bush has defined human rights according to his own definition.

The former leader has also criticized the Presidential candidates from both major political parties. Of Rudy Giuliani, he called him “foolish” for believing that the country should use force on Iran. As for the other Republican candidates, he commented, “

They all seem to be outdoing each other in who wants to go to war first with Iran, who wants to keep Guantanamo open longer and expand its capacity — things of that kind,”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of The Democrats were also accused for not supporting total troops withdrawal by the end of their first terms if they win the presidency.

Of those potential Presidential wannabes, only Dennis Kucinich appears to support withdrawal with a concrete follow up plan that engages the major players in the region. On the CNN site, his position on the invasion states that he, “

Voted against use of military force in Iraq. Voted against war spending bill with Democratic troop withdrawal plan because timeline was nonbinding and because it continued to fund the war. Supports ending war funding. Opposed Bush plan to send additional troops to Iraq. Opposes additional war funding and has called for troop withdrawal. Proposes opening talks with Iran and Syria to assist in Iraq.

His position coincides with a recent report, “Alternatives to the War on Terror” by a British think-tank, Oxford Research Group (ORG) which recommended immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops in the war torn country. It also encouraged diplomacy with countries US considered as part of the axis of evil such as Iran and Syria to resolve the crisis in Iraq.


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