Dennis Kucinich – The Most Progressive Democratic Presidential Candidate…

16 Oct

In an excerpt of his interview on Flora TV found on YouTube, Dennis Kucinich was asked at the Commonwealth Club of California dated 10 August about his views on Iraq. An Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential Candidate, the man is brutally honest in its assessment of the Democratic majority held Congress and the Administration.

On his own party, he said the Democrats in the Congress have the power to end the Occupation by not bringing up for a vote any more bills to fund it. In an article for, “Only One Congress Member Gets It” by David Swansan, the writer said Dennis is the only member of Congress willing to express that opinion.

Kucinich has also released a statement demanding that the Democratic leadership require Bush to use existing funds to end the occupation. This position reflects sentiments from a telephone poll of 618 adults conducted on September this year in which the single largest group of 40% want Bush to bring U.S. troops home within 6 months using funds Congress has already given him for Iraq, which has now totalled $450 billion.

His criticism of the Democrats is blunt and calls for the Democrats to end this war. As reported from the article, Dennis said,”

If they don’t, then they’re just as responsible as the President for continuing this illegal and immoral war… and open to accusations of fraud upon the American people for promising during last year’s elections that Democratic control of the Congress would mean an end to the war. Instead of ending the war, the leadership has knuckled under time and time again and given the President every dollar he’s asked for to continue it.”

In the above interview on Flora TV, he promised that if elected President, he would take steps if “Congress has not done the right thing by then”. On Iraq, he boldly lists out the five measures he would roll out:

  1. a plan for troops withdrawal within three months;
  2. a plan for honest reconciliation where all US mercernaries and contractors will have to “get out” of Iraq;
  3. a programme for reconciliation between the Shites, Sunnis and Kurds which cannot be possible under the Occupation;
  4. a programme for reparations. Based on an Atlantic Study done last year, over a million innocent Iraqis have died from the conflict;
  5. efforts to stop the “Theft of Iraqi Oil” in which the American oil companies and government are pressurising the Iraqi government to privatize their oil through the Hydrocarbon Act.

In another article found on AOL, “Kucinich urges end to war in Iraq during New Mexico”, he said he would create a policy of “Strength through Peace” based on “diplomacy, open dialogue and rejection of war as an instrument of policy”

He is also the only candidate so far who has strongly call for the Bush Administration to be held accountable and on trial for the invasion.

He said, “if Congress does not impeach President Bush for intentionally misleading the public, the next president should hand over Bush and his administration to law enforcement officials.”

Dennis Kucinich is also against the Iraqi war prior to the invasion. He delivered a speech dated, October 3, 2002 as a Ohio Congressman on the US House of Representative arguing against the war in which he complemented it with his own independently conducted analysis of the “intelligence” that the Administration had presented to Congress in support of the resolution.


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