Americans want change… so does the world…

8 Nov

According to an AFP report, “Americans yearn for change of direction: poll” dated 4 November, a Washington Post and ABC News survey indicated that “three-quarters of the respondents want the next president to chart a different political course.”

The report stated that more than 60% believed the Iraqi war was not worth fighting for and nearly two-thirds felt the local economy was negatively managed. With approximately 7 in 10 forseeing an economic recession likely over the next year, Bush’s rating has also plunged to a low at 64% showing disapproval of his work.

As early as 2003, the world has already thought Bush a threat to world peace.

In a poll conducted for BBC for a program, “What The World Thinks of America”, as many as 60% of the respondents polled from 10 different countries “had a very unfavourable, or fairly unfavourable attitude towards the American President.”

Another poll conducted in 2006 reported in the Guardian reflected similar sentiments.

69% of those polled in Britain “believe US policy has made the world less safe since 2001, with only 7% thinking action in Iraq and Afghanistan has increased global security.” 62% of Canadians and 57% of Mexicans agreed likewise.

In the same survey, 71% of the British respondents feel the Iraqi invasion was unjustified. 89% of the Mexicans and 73% of Canadians polled had the same sentiments.

World Public Opinion also published a report of the BBC World Service Opinion Poll in which respondents from 27 countries are asked to rate 12 different countries. On the US, 51% said the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world based on respondents from the 26 countries polled (except from the US sample).

It quotes Steven Kull, director of PIPA (The Program on International Policy Attitudes) who said, “It appears that people around the world tend to look negatively on countries whose profile is marked by the use or pursuit of military power… This includes Israel and the US, who have recently used military force, and North Korea and Iran, who are perceived as trying to develop nuclear weapons.”


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