Australian Elections 2007: Online guide to voting?

23 Nov

GetUp produced an online guide that allows voters, particularly first time and young voters on who and how to vote. How Should I Vote? features 20 questions of concern to Australians which were posed to candidates. When you visit the website, you will have to enter your postcode and answer 20 similar questions. By matching your results to the candidates, you are directed to a page where candidates are ranked in order of similarity to your answers.

I Vote Australia is another website which is supported by partners such as and The purpose of the website as it declares on its banner, is to “educate, involve and empower” Australian youth in the process. It features young candidates such as Laura Chipp (daughter of Don Chipp, founder of Australian Democrats) and Tim Kirchler of the Socialist Alliance. The website however seems to be rather slim when it comes to news and candidate profiling.

YouDecide2007 is another website which aims to promote citizen journalism through news and providing a platform of debate using various channels such as youtube. Based on a cursory glance, it doesn’t appear to generate a lot of comments or traffic. is a much more comprehensive website compared to its partners, Youdecide2007 and I Vote Australia as it includes political cartoons, party list and their weblinks, and blogs.

Google has even launched a Federal Election Guide 2007 which includes a special google map that allows visitors to explore marginal seats, view profiles etc, be updated on election updates and see youtube videos from the various political parties. Alternatively, you can use the official Australian Electoral Commission website to find out where to locate your voting booth; as well as some of the hot election topics.


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