Annapolis destined to fail?

15 Dec

The second round of Annapolis peace talks will resume on the 23rd this month but hopes for further progress is dim.

Considering that the “so- called” negotiations are in the midst, it would be wise for any parties not to create unnecessary provocations.

Yet, the Israeli government has approved a 300 new Jewish home settlement plan in Har Homa, East Jerusalem, which Palestine has also claimed sovereignty. This announcement was met with disapproval from Washington. On Thursday, Israel carried out a military invasion into Gaza causing the deaths of 6 Palestinians, leaving 15 wounded. This is in addition to the economic blockade of Gaza and an imposed sanction on fuel and electricity supplies even before the talks started.

The humanitarian situation in Palestine is so bad that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has often stayed away from finger-pointing, has critisised Israel for its “harsh security measures” . The relief organization said this has resulted in an “enormous humanitarian cost” and that the “dignity of the Palestinians is being trampled underfoot day after day, both in the West Bank and Gaza”.

While Israel has the right to protect its own citizens, says Red Cross, “the balance between [its] legitimate security concerns and the right of the Palestinian people to live a normal life has not been struck”. The World Bank, Oxfam and Red Cross have all urged Israel to immediately relax its border control which is causing the situation in Gaza to deteriorate.

With such controversial measures aimed at causing widespread anger and misery amongst the Palestinians, the peace talks will unlikely move ahead. Abbas will find himself unable to proceed with these provocative harmful acts. Palestinians will not accept the concessions that they are forced to accept since they are at the brunt end of the stick.

Annapolis is destined to fail as Israel has, at every stage, prior to, and during  the talks, been sabotaging the process. Washington has to stop being partial towards Israel if it is sincere about being a mediator. Nothing at this moment in time, seems to raise any confidence of that happening.


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