We are becoming what we hate

16 Dec


Words cannot describe my revulsion to the revelations of torture in Mark Benjamin’s story on Salon of the activities in the CIA “black sites”. I will not detail the report here, please go to the link and read it. Inside the CIA’s notorious “black sites” by Mark Benjamin

I have many times that torture in all cases is wrong. I do not care whether it is our side or the other – in all cases it is wrong.

I know that our military and law enforcement agencies have an incredibly hard job to do, but this job has always been difficult. Time and time again – torture has proven to be an inaccurate and a misleading method of gaining information. In many countries there are specific laws that outlaw the use of torture by government agencies. To use the torture to gain information makes us (as a group) just as bad as those we are trying to prevent causing terrorist activities.

This article comes on top of the revelations regarding the CIA destroying tapes of torture that they said did not exist.

Those responsible for allowing torture should and must be brought before courts and must be held accountable for what is being done both in the CIA “black sites” and at Guantanamo.


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