Are Palestinians part of Obama’s concern?

28 May

An interview of Presidential candidate, Obama with Jeffrey Goldberg, ‘Obama on Zionism and Hamas’ reveals how one-sided and pro-Israel the hopeful is.

As Obama continues to advocate for the existence of the Israeli state, he steadfastedly refuses to address the plight of the Palestinians.

The extent to which he profess his close affinity to Zionism, borders on the unbelievable as he tries to prove that he is in fact, more pro-Israel than others might give him credit for. As he quips, ‘ I always joke that my intellectual formation was through Jewish scholars and writers’. As if that is not revealing enough, he hinted that the ‘idea of Israel and the reality of Israel is one that I find important to me personally’.

In the interview, he also recalls his visit to Ramallah in which he meets with a group of Palestinian students. Point- blankly, he told them that there is no way the US is going to distance itself from Israel. I quote, ‘… my commitment, our commitment, to Israel’s security is non-negotiable.’

Throughout the entire interview, he also supported the Israeli invasion in Lebanon, refused to denounce Israeli’s Occupation in Palestine; and refused to acknowledge the human rights violations that the Israeli state has committed against the Palestinians.

As Joe Mowrey retorts in a Counterpunch article, ‘Obama’s Pandering to Israel, The Audacity of Hypocrisy’:

… Obama represents the same old wine in a brand new bottle… Too bad Obama doesn’t have the courage to include Israel’s state-sponsored bigotry against the Palestinian people in his definition of racism.

Where is the Palestinian in Obama’s circle of concern? How can he ignore the facts that Israel has violated international laws in building settlements, roadblocks and other countless human rights violations against Palestinians (and chose to be silent on these issues) ?


One Response to “Are Palestinians part of Obama’s concern?”

  1. Ken Lovell May 29, 2008 at 7:42 am #

    It’s like the way unquestioning support for the USA is now mandatory for any Australian government. Unquestioning support for Israel is a requirement for the US presidency. Both attitudes have become so deeply embedded in the respective nations’ mental models of how the world works that most people no longer bother to give then any critical analysis. It’s just taken for granted that they are Good Things and anyone who raises doubts is anti-American or supports the terrorists or whatever.

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