Cambodia = Singapore? Hun Sen = LKY and LHL? CCP = PAP?

23 Jul

How’s this for some comparison?

Democracy’s Digest ran a commentary on the Cambodian’s elections, ‘Cambodia’s elections – a foregone conclusion’. The eeriness of this article is this – simply substitute Singapore for Cambodia; Lee Kuan Yew or Lee Hsien Loong for Hun Sen; and People’s Action Party (PAP) for Cambodian People’s Party (CPP)  in most instances, give it a bit of creative re-writing and it almost works out just as well.

Don’t believe me? Let us break it down bits by bits:

Cambodia’s Singapore’s election – a foregone conclusion?

The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) People’s Action Party (PAP) looks likely to return as the ruling party after next Sunday’s election and may well win enough seats to rule on its own for the first time. But the run-up to the polls has been marred by voter intimidation (such as governmental housing upgrades) and dirty tricks (such as defamation suits), NGOs allege.

Like other authoritarians, Prime Minister Hun Sen Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew seems to have ensured that, while the election will be relatively free and fair on the day, the outcome will have been all but engineered.

…“It is what happens before the election that does not make it fair, including CPP’s PAP’s total domination of broadcast media and intimidation of journalists and opposition.” says political analyst XXX

… Opposition groups are pinning their hopes of an upset on the youth vote…

But XXX is not confident that the ‘youth factor’ will be to the opposition’s advantage. “The majority of youth is in the rural areas and they are concerned with livelihoods,” She notes. “They want jobs and CPP PAP is able to deliver them.”

Hun Sen Lee Kuan Yew was put into power became Prime Minister of Singapore at the age of 33 36 by the Vietnamese after Singapore was they ousted the genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge from the Federation of Malaysia. A former Khmer Rouge cadre himself, The former prime minister has is now Minister Mentor...

The country’s political institutions “remain subject to the control  of the PAP and its institutions inherited from pre-1993 communist days, and are utilized to serve the interests of the ruling class rather than those of the people,” Dr Lao Mong Hay, senior researcher at the Asian Human Rights Commission, XXX wrote recently. “Although Cambodia Singapore has held periodic elections,…. its multi-party, liberal democracy has little substance.”

There is no doubt that authoritarian governments do take a leaf out of each other’s pocket. Singapore is a highly successful case of such experiments… …


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