Chinese Government ‘adding fuel to fire’ on Tibetian uprising

6 Aug

At the UTSpeaks Forum: Fuelling Flames on the Roof of the World held by University Technology of Sydney, Dr Susete Cooke, who is the speaker as well as a lecturer in China Studies with the institution, gave an informative talk on the burning Tibetian issue.

Besides providing a description of the wide-spread protests, she also delved into the causes of the uprising. According to her, they could be categorised into  three main factors. They are a result of:

1. the growing economic disenchantment of Tibetans due to large-scale migration of Hans. Many of these newcomers have taken over their jobs as the ethnic Chinese tend to be better educated and have greater access to resources. However, she felt that this is a minor factor as the protesting monks and nuns have renounced materialism.

2. an increasingly restrictive environment due to legislations imposed by the central government. This is related to the existing autonomy laws which regards state policies as superior to autonomy rule.

3. The new legislation and political educational campaigns (which are mere covers for promoting patriotsim towards the Chinese nation) that not only seek to restrict religious freedom, but, which is also heavily anti- Dalai Lama. According to Susete, this is the major cause of the protests.

She concluded by opining that the current Chinese policy on the Tibetian issue will only aggravate the situation as the crackdown and campaigns will only create more  anguish and ethnic tensions in the region.

= Further Readings =

Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetian Situation – Petitin by a group of Chinese intellectuals

Human Rights Watch Report – Appeasing China- Restricting the Rights of Tibetans in Nepal

Amnesty International Press Release & Report – One thousand protestors unaccounted for in Tibet lock-down

International Campaign for Tibet Report – Tibet at a Turning Point (newly publised on 5 August 2008)


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