Comparing the cases of Durai and Goplan Nair

25 Sep

Are there any parallels between the cases of T T Durai and Goplan Nair? Both men received a similar sentence of 3 months imprisonment, but for very different reasons. The former was tried and sentenced for ‘deceiving the NKF’ while Goplan Nair was given the same sentence for ‘scandalising the Singapore judiciary’.

This is perhaps the first glaring unfairness of it all. While Durai has cheated of the public of huge amounts of money, the same sentence was meted out to Goplan Nair for merely practising his right to freedom of speech. Therefore, it seems, if we take it literally, scamming the public is equivalent to practising one’s freedom of speech.

To add to the unfairness, T T Durai was immediately offered the job of the CEO of a new subsidiary company, Singapore-based real estate management firm, Property Facility Services (PFS) – a job which stated that they would pay him $25,000 a month, based in Abu Dabi, (even before he had served his sentence).

On the other hand, Goplan Nair’s passport was impounded and prevented from leaving, forcing his private law business in the US to suffer while he had to pay for his own accomodation and living expenses in Singapore.

Sure, one can rightfully argue that the decisions of PFS should not be used to compare against the detention of Goplan Nair in Singapore. After all, the former was given an opportunity by a private organisation while in Nair’s case, his retention in Singapore was necessary to prevent the man from absconding. That however, is to miss the point altogether.

To reiterate, it appears that one can wilfuly deceive the public and get away with 3 months (and later be gainfully employed again by another corporation) while to practise one’s freedom of speech in Singapore, is to suffer a worser fate.


One Response to “Comparing the cases of Durai and Goplan Nair”

  1. ng chai see September 26, 2008 at 1:40 pm #

    he stepped on the wrong foot.and it was not the woman’s foot in particular.

    learn to pay homage to wealthy powers every morning.

    bow three times towards the east and you shall be safe.

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