Is homelessness worsening in Sydney and Australia?

27 Sep

The latest Sydney City News reported the worsening homelessness situation in Sydney caused by increasing ‘rental rates, chronic unemployment and mental illness’. In the article, journalist Deepthi interviewed former homeless, Marcus Prentice, who said that the deprivation or ‘access to medical treatment’ is one of the major problems facing homeless people. Peter Holocraft, the manager of The Big Issue, a magazine dedicated to helping homeless people to ‘get back on their feet’, was also quoted as saying that rising rental rates have aggravated the situation.

According to the City of Sydney, its Homeless Person’s Information Centre (HPIC) received altogether 51,700 calls during the financial year of 2005 and 2006. Of these 59% required accomodation for the night the call was made. 350 people are estimated to be sleeping ‘roughly every night in Sydney’. The state government has also promised to tackle homelessness with the Common Ground Initiative, which will allow residents to stay for as long as they need. Access to outreach services such as drug and alcohol counselling, education and employment training will also be provided.

The recently released Australian Census on Homelessness in Australia shows that homelessness has increased to 105,000 on census night in 2006. Of these, 12% are under 12 years of age, and 21% from 12 to 18 years old. One of the problems associated with counting homelessness is the transienceness and different degrees of homelessness according to Chris Chamberlain who wrote ‘Counting the Homeless, 2006‘. Homelessness Australia, an NGO dedicated to the ending homelessness, argued that the increase of 5,000 homeless people in Australia (based on the ABS figures) meant that there is an urgent need for increased funding to tackle the homelessness issue. They include areas in homeless support services and early intervention strategies.

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The Big Issue FAQ on Homelessness


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