Findings from Lowy Institute Poll 2008 – Australia and the world

9 Oct

Some findings as food for thought:

1. 65% said Australia is taking too much notice of the views of the United States in its foreign policy.

2. The top three foreign policy goals which the government should pursue are (in descending order): protecting the jobs of Australian workers (79%); combating international terrorism (72%); and strengthening the Australian economy (70%). Promoting democracy in other countries (30%); helping to stabilise weak nations in the region (46%) and strengthening the UN (46%) are the three lowest priorities.

3. 90% strongly agree or agree think that the Australian government has a responsibility to ensure major Australian companies are kept in majority Australian control.

4. 62% thinks that the Australian government is not doing enough to pressure China to improve human rights.

5. 33% agrees that Australia’s interest will not be harmed if China gained more power and influence. 64% said disagreed.

6. Increasing scarcity of water (83%); global warming (66%); and international terrorism (66%) are the three highest rated perceived threats for Australia in the next decade.

7. 56% opposes Australia’s continuing military involvement in Afghanistan. This is an increase in 10% from 2007 results.

8. 64% thinks the Kyoto Protocol is a step in the right direction though it has not solved the climate change problem.

9. 88% thinks Australia should only export uranium to countries which have signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty.


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