Transgender Day Of Remembrance, 2008 @ Sydney

21 Nov

The memorial service for Transgender of Rememberance at Sydney was organised by the Gender Centre and held at the Twenty 10 Hall on the actual day itself, 20 November. While the event comprised only a small gathering, it had an important message – we need to recognise that transphobia still exists in modern societies.

Pastor Robert Clarke who provided the service urged the participants to do an exercise – dress up as a person of the opposite sex and go out into the public so that one can experience the type of discrimination and looks that transgenders are exposed to on a daily basis.

Violent crimes on transgenders are reported to average twice per month globally, with up to at least 26 this year recorded so far. Sydney had a transgender victim this February when Brigitte Fell’s status was revealed by the police to her boyfriend, who went on to physically assault her. Others who were physically battered in Australia due to their transgender identity includes Ronald Brown, ‘a sixteen year old cross-dresser was viciously stabbed and left to die’. Gordon Tuckey was killed in Sydney while Joanne Lillycrapp suffered the same fate in South Australia as she was trying to help two people in distress.

According to the Hansard, Greens MP, Ms Lee Rhiannon mentioned this day last year in the New South Wales parliament. She quoted a ‘La Trobe University survey of 6,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in 2006 [which] found that 46.9 per cent of transgender females and 29.4 per cent of transgender males had been threatened with violence’.


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