Humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening – why is everyone keeping mum?

24 Nov

It has been close to a week since I have sent out my emails to the Ministers and MPs of Singapore who went on a delegation trip to Israel; the Association of Muslim Professional (AMP) and possibly concerned bloggers which included some prominent Singaporean citizen bloggers. With the exception of World Without War, who has kindly posted my letter on their blog, I have yet received any replies from any of the parties.

As we speak, Shifa hospital in Gaza has told Al Jazeera that their patients may die if Israel continues its fuel blockade. Medical equipments especially in the intensive care unit requires electricity from the power plants which are subject to blackouts due to power shortage. This in turn puts peoples’ lives at risk. In addition, backups of essential medicines are depleted as many more healthcare drugs run low in supply.

Another report on the status of healthcare in Gaza, ‘Gaza’s hospitals struggle to save lives amid Israeli siege’, tells us how dire the situation is. Says Dr. Zaki Azzaq Zouq, an oncologist, “… Currently, there are no tools for physicians to treat patients who suffer from lung, stomach, colon or brain cancers.” or Nihad Swaty, head of the European Gaza Hospital’s maintenance department, “… The current lack of equipment will lead to the plant’s total collapse and consequently to an environmental crisis at the hospital itself”.

As I have explained in my previous posting and letter, ‘Did Singapore raise the Gaza humanitarian crisis issue with Israel?’, it is difficult to believe that the parties involved have chosen to remain mum over such a critical issue.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am appalled at the silence which implies some kind of complicity.

On the ministers and MPs who visited Israel; and AMP, expecting them to deliver a simple and straightforward reply within a week should not be considered unreasonable. Singapore bloggers also have to understand that they have that responsibility to keep their politicians accountable given the country’s close relationship with Israel. It follows the same logic on why they should voice out  and demand their government to stop supporting the military Burmese dictatorship.


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