News clip on Israeli air strikes in Gaza

28 Dec

These are some of the news clips, witnesses descriptions and comments on Israeli air strikes in Gaza. In one of the clips, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni defended the right of Israel to launch an attack as its responsibility to protect its own citizens from the rocket attacks in Gaza.

This is however a weak argument given these mortar attacks are merely a counter response to Israel’s devastating economic and humanitarian blockade that has been imposed upon Gaza. One also needs to remember that when Hamas offered to negotiate, the Israeli government refused point-blank to do so because it claims that the political party (that also won the free and fair elections) and government in power is a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

Therefore, when Livni stated that Israel had no choice but to launch an attack in Gaza, she was hardly convincing. It is the Israeli government that has, time and again, squandered the chance for peace talks with Hamas and the Palestinians.

Contrary to what the Israeli government has sought to portray, the air strikes cannot be claimed as an act of self-defense. In fact, the opposite is true. This military campaign is an escalation of advances (apart from the stifling sanctions) against the Palestinians, in particular, the Gazans, who had little recourse and resources to defense themselves.

Like what the news clips have shown, the air strike is a blatant act of aggression. Against an entrapped civilian population.


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