Israel’s attack on Gaza civilians… Now, who’s lying?

29 Dec

I have been keeping myself updated of the Israeli air strikes in Gaza through Al Jazeera, BBC and even CNN.

The latest news from Al Jazeera and BBC reveal that the Israeli military has struck the supply tunnels (which is a support lifeline for Gazans given the economic blockade) and an Islamic university in Gaza.

As the assault continues, Gazans are prevented from fleeing the strip as Egyptian police enforce the border crossing. According to BBC, ‘… hundreds of Palestinians stormed over a fence on the Gaza-Egypt border, but Egyptian security forces fired shots to prevent them entering…’

Yet, the Egyptian authorities accuse Hamas for not letting the wounded through to its country for medical aid. A Gaza health ministry official at the border, Alaa el-Din Mohammed el-Batta, commented that ‘transporting the seriously wounded was difficult and further complicated by Israeli air assaults’. He said that as many as ‘tens died on the way’ to Cairo. The director-general of al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s main hospital, told al Jazeera that five people had been transferred to Egypt.

As world-wide demonstrations are staged against Israel and the Arab governments for their complicity in the attacks, the former is struggling to win the propaganda war by blaming Hamas for the current situation. The attacks, according to the Israeli officials, are supposedly targeted at Hamas and Islamic militants, not the Palestinians.

The ground realities tell a different story.

Targeting an Islamic university, a learning institution which shows Israel’s disregard for Muslim culture.

Bombarding tunnels that has become a lifeline for providing food and medical items in an impoverished Gaza since the imposition of the blockade.

The air strikes which killed and wounded mostly civilians. Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, in its press statement:… dozens of homes were destroyed, along with tens of UNRWA and government schools and clinics. Local government offices and private vehicles were also destroyed. Al Mezan’s initial monitoring indicates that at least 257 people have been killed in the IOF’s strikes in the last 24 hours. Of those, the vast majority are non-combatants and civilians; including 20 children, nine women and 60 civilians…’

P.S. In my previous post, I commented that the Israeli government has repeatedly rejected offers of peace from Hamas. This has been widely reported in mainstream media. Refer to news reports, ‘Hamas awaits truce offer reply’ by Al Jazeera dated 26 April 2008; “Gazans protest over Israeli siege’ by Al Jazeera dated 25 April 2008 ; ‘Egyptian report says Hamas offers 6-month truce with Israel’ by Associated Press dated 25 April 2008; and ‘Hamas seeks truce talks with Israel’ by Associated Press dated 19 December 2007.

In the AP 2007 report, I quote:

‘Gaza’s embattled Hamas leaders are seeking a cease-fire after months of Israeli attacks and sanctions, going so far as to make an unprecedented appeal through the Israeli media, a Hamas official confirmed Wednesday.

… Despite calls for a cease-fire within his Cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pledged to continue targeting the leaders of militant groups who fire rockets into southern Israel almost daily.

Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the Hamas government in Gaza, reached out to Israel through a reporter for Israel’s Channel 2 TV, said Hamas government spokesman Taher Nunu.

Haniyeh spoke of a truce in his phone conversation with Suleiman al-Shafi and said Israel must halt its offensive in Gaza for the cycle of violence to end, Nunu said.

… Al-Shafi told The Associated Press that the Hamas leader complained that Israeli attacks have foiled his attempts to halt the rocket fire. Islamic Jihad, a smaller militant group, has been responsible for most of the rocket fire out of Gaza since Hamas seized control of the area last June.

“I am always trying to stop the rockets from all factions, especially Islamic Jihad, but Israel’s assassinations always catch me off guard and spoil my attempts,” the reporter quoted Haniyeh as saying…’

Now, who’s lying?


One Response to “Israel’s attack on Gaza civilians… Now, who’s lying?”

  1. barry list December 29, 2008 at 5:14 pm #

    As a human being, I am appalled at the actions of the Israelis and the inaction of the Americans. As a non- religious person, this action is not Christian but barbaric. The message I get is that Israel, through its political support of other so called democracies, can do anything without inviting any condemnation .

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