Lord Resistance Army’s Rampage in Congo

18 Jan

According to a latest Human Rights Watch statement, ‘ DR Congo: LRA Slaughters 620 in ‘Christmas Massacres’, the rebel militia which has been waging a war against the Congo government for more than twenty years, is reported to be on a bloody rampage again.

HRW, together with Justice Plus, a Congolese human rights organization, documented field reports of those killed and abducted in the areas of Doruma, Faradje and Duru, in Haute Uele territory, discovering, ‘fresh graves, pools of dried blood, cords used to tie up prisoners and blood-stained bats and axes used to kill the victims’.

The attacks against civilians reported to have taken place during the Christmas period caused the deaths of at least 620 people. More than 160 children were also abducted until 13 January. The group also committed rape, looting and arson wherever they went.

The UN Security Council has issued a statement condemning the recent attacks against civilians committed by the LRA.  In 2007, hopes of a peace deal between the Ugandan and the militia failed to appear materialise.

The accord faced issues such as getting the International Criminal Court (ICC) to drop the charges which it would only agree to if the Ugandan government was able to establish a competent tribunal. LRA’s leader, Joseph Kony,  is currently under an arrest warrant by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in northern Uganda.

According to a 2004 BBC fact sheet on the LRA, the group, which arose out of the ashes of a failed government in 1986, has maintained its military might by forcibly abducting and recruiting child soldiers. Kony also uses biblical references to justify his killing of innocent civilians.


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  1. Peter Eichstaedt January 19, 2009 at 12:06 am #

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