The News That Did Not Make It.

20 Mar

A source of news which you probably come across only because of the recent publicity surrounding the Australians government website ‘blacklist’.

Sites such as wikileaks may seem questionable, given it pretty much works like wikipedia (though in no way related as its about us section claims). Browsing through some of the information/ leaks that was being posted, one can come to the conclusion that there are some ‘scary’ or ‘scandalous’ stuff that governments and major organisations around the world wouldn’t want ordinary people to know.

As I maintain, one should read these ‘leaks’ with a certain amount of skepticism (as with most things they read on the internet) but they do provide a window to questioning possible cover-ups that don’t make it to the mass media. Alternatively, one could use wikileaks as a starting/ counter-point in conducting their own research

As John Pilger wrote in the introduction of  ‘Tell Me No Lies’,

‘From the Murdoch press to the BBC, the undeclared rules of the modern media vary not a great deal. The invisible boundaries of ‘news’ allowe false premises to become received wisdom and official deceptions to be chanelled and amplified. ..’

Empowering oneself with information needs to come not just from those that has been ‘publicized’ but also secrets that are secretly guarded by the powers.


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