Anti- war Protest – 6th anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion

22 Mar

The Gaza Defence Committee and Stop the War Coalition held an anti-war protest on yesterday afternoon at Sydney Town Hall which saw an attendance of about 200 participants.

The rally which coincided with the 6th anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion was also a protest against the ongoing Israeli occupation in Palestine and the US led Afghanistan invasion.

Speakers included an overseas Israeli veteran peace activist, Professor Jeff Halper who  said Israel is using Palestine as a laboratory experiment for its military weapons. These technologies are then used in other parts of the world. Therefore, we are like Palestinians, affected by the occupation.

Jacob Carsell- Dougherty, a representative for Students for Palestine highlighted the tactics adopted by overseas university students such as sit ins and academic boycotts of Israeli university. He urged the National Union of Students to join in the chorus of condemnation.

Rihab Charida, a Palestinian activist encouraged the crowd to join in the boycott, divestment and sanction of Israeli products, as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Anti War Rally- 6th Anniversary of Iraqi Invasion


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