Death Penalty Watch – Nine executed in Sudan

17 Apr

According to Amnesty International, nine men have been executed in Sudan on 13 April (Monday) though they have claimed that their confessions were extracted from torture.

The men were found guilty in court for the murder of newspaper editor Mohamed Taha in September 2006. They were Ishaq Mohammed Sanousi (thought to have been 71 years old), Abdel Hay Omar, Mustafa Adam, Mohammed Birgid,Hassan Adam Fadel, Adam Ibrahim, Jamaleddin Isa, Abdel Magid Ali Abdel Magid and Sabir Hassan.

The counsels’ request to see the accused medical records of torture were refused.

According to the latest AI global report on death penalty, Sudan has executed at least one person in 2008 and has sentenced 60 people to death last year.

Hands Off Cain, an anti-death penalty NGO has also recently documented the decision by a Sudan court in meting out death sentences against 10 Darfur rebels ‘for an unprecedented attack on Khartoum in 2008 which killed more than 220 people’. An extra-judicial execution was carried out on 32 year old Adam Osman Mohammed who was deported from the UK to Darfur. He was gunned down by Sudanese security officers in front of his wife and four year old son just days after returning to his village.


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