Australian/ Sydney News from a prism

2 May

Where have I been? To have missed out on Alternative Media Group news website while I have at times went on and on about how I love reading the local community paper.

Anyways, Alternative Media Group publishes three papers, Sydney City News, The Bondi View and The Sydney City Hub. I get City News as a free physical copy on a weekly basis from cafes or supermarkets around my area for the news that sometimes do not make it on Sydney Morning Herald.

On student issues this week, ‘Students sleep out against poverty’ covers a student protest at Martin Place against the federal government for neglecting the welfare of student in the current difficult economic times. Besides having to work full time, many of them also do not qualify for the meagre Youth Allowance. In addition, the Education Ministry is also proposing a deregulated demand-driven model for place allocation at universities which is contentious as it will phase out smaller and less popular courses.

And still on education, ‘the Federal Government had dumped references to same-sex families in the second draft of its Early Years Learning Framework, despite the fact that several Sydney primary schools and preschools have been using material portraying gay relationships for years’.

The reaction towards such a removal marks a one step forward – two steps backwards approach as the government has recently introduced reforms to advance gay equality.

According to author of Learn to Include book series, Vicki Harding, her books, which are used in inner city, aims at reducing homophobia and discrimination. She says that there is a need to identify same sex families to acknowledge the lives of these children.

But education is not just the only issue being harped on. The news website is reporting on important issues such as: internet censorship –‘Net neutrality laws needed more than internet filter’; erosion of press freedom and civil liberties – ‘The sinking of freedom’; ‘Anti-bikie gang laws: wrong and dangerous’; climate change – ‘Unscientific carbon scheme doomed‘; ‘Climate Inaction – the white choice‘; local protests – ‘Mass arrests at mine protest’ ; and bureaucracy misconduct – ‘Criminal conduct

So, have a happy time reading. And a belated May/ Labour Day!


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