Stop the impending imprisonment of peace activist, Ezra Nawi

9 May




Stop the impending imprisonment of peace activist, Ezra Nawi

Dear Ambassador for Israel in Australia, Mr Yuval Rotem and Ambassador for Israel in Singapore, Mr Ilan Ben-Dov,

I am addressing this letter to both of you as a concerned Singaporean as well as a current international student in Australia with regards to the impending imprisonment of peace activist, Ezra Nawi for his non-violent activities in stopping the military bulldozing of Palestinian cave dwellers in Southern Hebron.

To my knowledge, Ezra Nawi is also an openly gay man whom I’m afraid, is likely to face more harassment in jail, not just for his political views but also his sexual orientation if sent to jail.

According to professor of politics at Ben-Gurion university, Neve Gordon, the activist will face impending imprisonment in July for his arrest. His predicament is in parallel with the other recent arrests of New Profile and Target 21 activists which symbolizes a growing intolerance towards human rights activists in Israel.

Such developments are I believe detrimental to Israel, which has until recently, been tolerant of dissent by Israeli peace activists. A clamp down of peaceful non-violent activities or repression of human rights activism will only create more dissent and further global backlash on the reputation of Israel.

As such, I hope you will forward my concerns to the relevant Israeli authorities. The persecution of courageous peace activists such as Ezra Nawi must be stopped.

Yours Sincerely
Charles Tan
A concerned Singaporean studying in University of New South Wales
P.S. This letter will also be forwarded and republished in my mailing list and personal/ political blog.


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