Protect People, Not Polluters – Emergency Climate Change Rally

16 May

‘They say clean coal, we say more coal

They say emissions trading, we say money making’

– chants at the emergency climate change rally



The slogan for the emergency climate change rally on 16 May in Sydney is, ‘protect people, not polluters’. An apt call in response to the Rudd’s government latest announcement to delay its carbon trading scheme by a year. In addition, the labor government is also pricing carbon at a ridiculuously low price of $10 australian dollars a tonne for the first year of its scheme, besides providing the major polluters with assistance schemes.

The rally which started at 10 am town hall was a short but brief one hour event that ended outside the labor party office in Chinatown. Speakers included Senator Bob Brown of  The Greens who said its party demands greater carbon cuts and the trading scheme to start soon; and Graham Brown, an ex-Hunter Vallay coal miner and climate change activist, who told the audience outside the Labor Party that workers from coal industry are able to switch to renewable energy jobs easily.

According to the Greens, they are willing ‘to support a minimum unconditional 25% target – the bare minimum required by science and the global community – to end 12 years of climate inaction’ in regards to the latest decision by the government to delay the scheme. The Greens’ policy position on climate change can be accessed here. Amongst its aims include:

. Basing all climate policy on constraining global warming to less than 2°C;
. Introducing binding, science-based targets to reduce emissions by 30% below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050
. Significantly increase renewable energy production by boosting the current 2% target to 15% of our electricity by 2012 and 25% by 2020

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW endorses a similar position on reducing 30% of greenhouse pollution by 2020.


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