A Satire of Political Wildlife – Aussie Hyenas devouring Zebra?

29 Jun

Normally, I wouldn’t post such images online but I thought this is so disturbing that it’s worth reading. Found this on Sydney Morning Herald… 

In ‘A hyena pack hunts in Canberra’, Paul Sheehan delivers a political satire on the Labor parliamentary attacks against Liberal leader, Malcolm Turnbull. The opening sets the brilliant comparison of these sessions to TV wildllife documentaries:

Wildlife programs on TV are wholesome, but they are often heavily censored, especially those depicting life on the plains of Africa. The editing always draws a veil at gruesome moments, such as when a pack of hyenas have brought down their prey. Hyenas don’t wait for their food to be dead.

They start to rip and tear while there is still life and movement, before the eyes of their prey glaze and natural opiates puts the animal into numbed shock. It is nature’s in-built protection for violent death…

I let you read the rest of the article for yourself but would like to spend some time talking about that image. Pretty well-done if you ask me. The laughing hyenas even had their hair matched the colour of their fur with noticeable sharp fangs while the poor and dead zebra lie motionless. Be forewarned. It’s not pretty…

Illustration by Michael Mucci


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