The Secretive Temasek Holdings

22 Jul

This blog has written a two part series on the history of Chip Goodyear as CEO of BHP Billiton [read ‘Temasek under Goodyear ? – Debunking the CEO’s glorious track record – Part I’ and ‘Part II’] and questioned whether the man is qualified to head Temasek.

The GLC has recently announced that Goodyear would not join their firm due to differences in ‘strategic issues’. Whatever that means. This latest announcement contradicts the initial  decision to hire Goodyear given his experience in the agroextractive and energy industry. This is after all, the supposedly ‘new’ direction that Temasek is moving towards. But of course, it finds itself selling its Singapore power plants [again read ‘The sale of Temasek’s power plants does matter‘]. Everything so far being revealed to the public does not make sense. Is Temasek moving into the sector (or not)?

No point second guessing the closed doors negotiations in Temasek  Holdings since there is naught accountability and transparency. Sit back and be amazed at the secretive operations of the corporation. Enough said.


One Response to “The Secretive Temasek Holdings”

  1. joni July 23, 2009 at 1:10 pm #

    Todays SMH has more on Goodyears departure from the company run by the PM’s wife:

    Culture change is tough in any organisation.

    Particularly one run by the wife of the Prime Minister.

    So spare a thought for the former BHP Billiton banana Chip Goodyear, who has come a cropper in his new gig at Temasek before reaching the start line.

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