Malaysian women agrees to be caned

21 Aug

This piece of news comes as a shock to me. What happens when someone actually thinks its ok for herself to be caned?

We could argue it’s her body and it’s her right to agree to be subjected to certain inflictions but if caning is considered as torture under international human rights laws, then what happens?


Monday Malaysian model to be caned from

From: TODAY ONLINE, MOnday, 20 August 2009

KUALA LUMPUR – A Muslim model sentenced to six strokes of the cane for drinking beer will be the first woman in Malaysia to be caned under Islamic law, a prosecutor said yesterday

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, was sentenced to a caning and a fine of RM5,000 ($1,995) last month after she pleaded guilty to drinking alcohol at a hotel nightclub in the eastern state of Pahang last year.

Prosecutor Saiful Idham Sahimi said Kartika will be the first woman to be caned under Islamic law after she chose not to appeal the sentence. “It is a good punishment because under Islamic law a person who drinks commits a serious offence,” he said.

On Tuesday, the court set a one-week period starting next Monday for the sentence to be carried out in a woman’s prison. It is up to the prison authorities to decide when to cane her during that period. Mr Saiful said the rattan cane to be used on Kartika would be lighter than the one used on men.

The Malaysian mother of two, who lives in Singapore, said that she was willing to receive the punishment.

“I accept the punishment. I am not afraid because I was ready to be punished from day one. They (the authorities) hope to use my case as a way to educate the Muslims. So go ahead. I want to move on with my life. I am not worried at all nor do I want to avoid the punishment because I accept the punishment.”

Kartika’s father Shukarno Mutalib said the family accepted the court’s decision. “We are not feeling sad. We are Muslims and I agree she has to be caned. She has already pleaded guilty. We will follow the rules.”

Kartika’s lawyer Mohamad Zuki Che Muhamad Ghani said she had lived in Singapore for 15 years after marrying a citizen of the city state.



One Response to “Malaysian women agrees to be caned”

  1. roger matthews August 21, 2009 at 6:50 pm #

    Well all i have to say is once again this is religion at work which is why I refuse to have enything to do with any form of it. The total hypocrisy of it all is that many Malaysian male Muslims drink like fish and is typicle of what we do. This is why Australia should never be multicultural, only multiracial Trust me there is a huge difference.

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