Defending Professor Neve Gordon

25 Aug

Professor Neve Gordon, author of Israel’s Occupation, has been told by the President of Ben Gurion University that the “university may no longer be interested in his services.” She added, “Academics who entertain such resentment toward their country are welcome to consider another professional and personal home.”

This remark was made in response to Gordon’s opinion piece in LA Times in which he called for an international boycott of Israel. In his article, he claims that this was a difficult choice for him but was necessary because Israel has reached historic crossroads and that dramatic actions are needed. He wrote:

‘The most accurate way to describe Israel today is as an apartheid state. For more than 42 years, Israel has controlled the land between the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. Within this region about 6 million Jews and close to 5 million Palestinians reside. Out of this population, 3.5 million Palestinians and almost half a million Jews live in the areas Israel occupied in 1967, and yet while these two groups live in the same area, they are subjected to totally different legal systems. The Palestinians are stateless and lack many of the most basic human rights. By sharp contrast, all Jews — whether they live in the occupied territories or in Israel — are citizens of the state of Israel’

According to a mailing list report by Jewish Voice for Peace, some Knesset members have urged Carmi and the Minister of Education to sack the scholar. The Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar has called the article “repugnant and deplorable.” The organisation has also created a petition in support of Gordon. Join the chorus of voices to defend Professor Gordon’s academic freedom.


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