Defending Neve Gordon – follow up

4 Sep

Anat Matar, a lecturer at Tel-Aviv University has written an opinion piece at Haaretz on the outcry against Professor Neve Gordon’s call for a boycott against Israel.

In his essay, he argues that an academic boycott against Palestinians have occurred for years:

… This school year in Gaza will open in shattered classrooms as there are no building materials there for rehabilitating the ruins; without notebooks, books and writing utensils that cannot be brought into Gaza because of the goods embargo (yes, Israel may boycott schools there and no cry is heard).

Hundreds of students in West Bank universities are under arrest or detention in Israeli jails, usually because they belong to student organizations that the ruling power does not like…

According to another Al Jazeera news report, 5000 East Jerusalem Palestinian kids will not be able to go to school this year due to lack of classrooms. The Israeli authorities claim that the  huge gap between education systems between the East and West of Jerusalem is due to bureaucracy and lack of lobbying on behalf of Palestinian residents.

The asymmetrical power relationships between the Palestinians and Israelis; and the mistreatment and violation of the former’s human rights are often so blatantly overlooked by the media that it beggars disbelief. Apparently, it is ok to apply double standards when it comes to education for Israelis and Palestinians.


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