Correspondences from Martha’s Vineyard

5 Sep

Photo by Jason White from Vineyard Gazette

Photo by Jason White from Vineyard Gazette

Cindy Sheehan protested outside Martha’s Vineyard against Obama for the war in Afghanistan and was blatantly ignored according to John Walsh. When she tried to present a petition to the President, the security would not even send a staff to receive it.

According to Cindy, she was disappointed with the ‘restive anti-war movement’ which refused to do anything to compromise the Democrats’ chances of success in the 2010 elections [or read an interview with her from Vineyard Gazette].

She asked them, “

1) How did the people of Iraq/Afghanistan lose value as human beings when the Democrats took over power in 2007?

2) How did the people of Pakistan lose their value as humans when Obama became president at the beginning of the year?

And went on to argue that the , ‘born-again “restive anti-war movement” allowed the Democratic Party to suck the wind out of our sails in 2007 and it is almost like we will have to start from scratch’.

Elsewhere, it has been reported that the President was playing golf with Robert Wolf, president of UBS Investment Bank and chairman and CEO of UBS Group Americas. UBS had also confirmed that it would pay the U.S. $780 million for civil and criminal charges related to helping wealthy US tax-avoiders. The bank was also getting $2.5 billion in a backdoor bailout from bailed-out insurance giant AIG.

Hope? A President that promises change? I don’t think so.


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