Singaporean women and their workplace

24 Sep

According to an NTUC (that is, National Unions of Congress – the umbrella union body in Singapore) survey (published in a TODAY news report):

– 83% of respondents did not face difficulties applying for maternity/childcare leave;

– 13% had some difficulties: It disrupted firm’s operations, colleagues were unhappy about taking over duties;

– 13% felt performance appraisals were affected even with consistent good work;

– 89% felt enhanced benefits were critical in luring women back to work; and

– 58% would not consider having more children, citing lack of time, high living costs, etc.

Because I do not know the methodology and sample of the survey, I would hesitate to make hasty conclusions on the findings. While it indicates some positive opinions on the workplace, at least with regards to sex discrimination or discrimination against women, I believe a more in-depth study by an independent body might be warranted. This could take into account other areas such as employer practices, impact of governmental regulations (or lack of) and men’s attitudes and behaviour towards women in the workplace. Sex discrimination in the Singapore workplace remains an under-studied area of study.


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