Why Obama doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

16 Oct

Klein’s commentary on Obama and why he doesn’t deserve the Nobel peace prize goes beyond the rhetoric that the US president did not deserve it because he hadn’t done anything. She lists the President’s bad influence on other states and noted wryly,

‘Again and again, US negotiators have chosen not to strengthen international laws and protocols but rather to weaken them, often leading other rich countries in a race to the bottom’.

Whether be it on climate change or reining in the rampant capitalists, the US has continued to do what it pleases – engage in multilateral negotiations before refusing to sign or breaking the conventions apart.

It is tiring if not insulting to be told by the media (and now the Nobel Peace Prize Committee) that the electoral victory of America’s first black President brings hope to people all over the world because of his colour.

What we need is not a saviour with empty campaign slogans. What we need is real actions that will solve some of the world’s most pressing problems….


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