NTEU Strike @ UNSW

12 Mar

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) will be organising a series of strikes for better working staff conditions at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). This material was sourced from a leaflet that was handed out to me while I was at the University yesterday.


. Thurs 18 March

. Wed 31 March

. Tue 20 April

Picket lines on UNSW Gates from 7 am

For a new collective bargaining agreement with:

. Reasonable workloads

. Limits on fixed term employment

. Improved leave conditions

. Improved conditions for casuals

. Reasonable pay rise

For a bargaining update go to http://www.universitybargaining.com.au/UNSW


National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has been bargaining for new collective agreements for staff with UNSW management for eleven months and no key claims have been settled. Worse still, there is no indication that settlement is close with management refusing to meet more regularly than two hours per fortnight and indicating “we’ll be bargaining until Christmas”.

Staff are not making outlandish claims, we are simply looking to restore conditions that were lost under the previous federal government and make improvements to some existing conditions in line with what has been agreed to at other universities.

Whilst management continue to delay finalising an agreement we get left further behind our colleagues at the University of Sydney where an agreement was reached last year including competitive pay rises.

Staff have not taken the decision to strike lightly. We understand that it effects students – but so does staff with unmanageable workloads. We believe we have no alternative to bring negotiations to a head.


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