NTEU- UNSW strike goes public

16 Mar

The SMH has published an article in which UNSW has been criticised for ‘playing students against staff’ by ‘privately challenging them to take industrial action’.

The university has also claimed that ‘salary costs saved as a result of the strike would go to student services’.

This is rich coming from a university that has slashed the number of courses available (especially in the arts stream); reduced the quality of teaching by exploiting casuals and adopting a 12 (to 13 weeks) teaching curriculum. Our seminar and tutorial classes have gone bigger (thereby decreasing student-teacher ratio). Not to mention the long ubiquitous queue outside the IT service centre when uni reopens because of network problems and changes.

Improved student services? You got to be kidding me.


One Response to “NTEU- UNSW strike goes public”

  1. mastura March 17, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    As a fellow student I am impressed by the angle you take regarding issues in UNSW.Actually Im planning to cover the NTEU strike and their bargain issue as my news story assessment.By the way I am a Masters student in Journalism and Communication and I would like to be in touch with you and get your opinion regarding this issue…Send me an email if you are interested to talk about it as an observer to this issue..

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated.. Thanks

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